Books for TLC Camp

 Abby Harkey, an Elmhust Junior Women's Club member & Independent Consultant with Usborne Books & More ( is hosting a fundraising book drive for TLC Camp using Usborne Books & More matching grant to support all donations for this cause with 50% more in books. Plus any commission she makes from this event will be donated back to TLC Camp.

TLC Camp, Inc. ( was established in 1983. It's purpose is to provide a fun-filled week of camp activities for children with cancer and a sibling. The children are ages 5 through 13. What makes this camp unique is that it is the only camp in the state of Illinois that allows a sibling to share in the experience. The Lombard Junior Women's Club sponsors TLC Camp. Lombard Juniors is a volunteer organization that has been in service since 1930. The majority of the camp staff are members of the Lombard Junior Women’s Club, their families, and other volunteers from surrounding communities. Qualified high school students are trained to assist every adult counselor in the supervision of a group of campers. Both Lombard Junior Women's Club and TLC Camp are not-for-profit. The camp costs the Lombard Junior Women's Club approximately $500 per camper. A continuing goal is to have each camper attend free of charge. To meet that goal, TLC funding relies on donations from civic organizations, churches, corporations and private individuals. TLC Camp is a 501(c)3 organization, therefore all contributions are tax-deductible.

Let's raise money to give these kids the gift of books this summer while they are at camp.  There are 70 boys and girls, ages 5-14 and I want to put a fun, new, awesome, activity book in each of their hands.  It does not take much and every little bit helps.  Camp is only a week and it starts June 22 so we have to act FAST! 

Here are some examples of how the money will be spent:

A $16 donation will give a kiddo a Fingerprint Activities Kit.

A $15 donation will give a Write Your Own Story Book to a child.

A $14 donation will give a kiddo a Drawing, Doodling, & Coloring Book.

A $10 donation will give a Magic Painting Book to a child.

A $8 donation will give a kiddo a 100 Planes to Fold & Fly activity.


PLEASE pass this link along to your friends.  Cancer sucks.  No child should ever have to endure such sickness.  Let's help brighten their day.  Thanks for your support!