LJWC Testimonials


I am grateful for the opportunity to serve with a fun group of ladies who genuinely care about the needs of others and seek out every occasion to be of assistance.  While helping others, opportunities for personal and professional development exist too.  I have lifelong friends I wouldn’t have known without joining Lombard Juniors.

Diane A


I love all the hands-on projects we do, including making meals for Ronald McDonald House and Public Assistance to Deliver Shelter (PADS) as well as the fun week we provide for kids with cancer at our TLC Camp.  I have also made some wonderful friends and have had lots of fun and laughter over the years.

Sue Bi


I joined Lombard Juniors to volunteer.  I stay because of the welcoming, friendly atmosphere.  My fellow club members have become like sisters and we support each other through life’s ups and downs.

Erin D


Since joining Lombard Juniors I have made many dear, dear friends.  We do many projects, but my very favorite is the Brunch for the residents of the Ronald McDonald House.  Working side by side to prepare the meal made us all feel great!  Being a member has provided me with many heartwarming moments of sharing, caring and trying to accomplish something, not merely to exist… I have been rewarded in so many ways by being a part of this wonderful group of ladies ~ LOMBARD JRS are the best!

Cathy T


Lombard Juniors are strong, loving, caring and give every ounce of their time to help others.  Children with cancer, families in need and many others have benefited from the efforts of this club.  Being a part of this makes me feel needed and I am proud to be a member!

Penny B